Farm to School Month Resolution Gallatin Valley Farm to School developed this document to garner support from the school board for Farm to School Month in October. You can modify the resolution to fit your district’s needs.

Benefits of Farm to School 2014 The National Farm to School Network has compiled the results of several studies that quantify the benefits of Farm to School programs on kids’ health, school meal programs, local economies, and more.

Purchasing Local Food Guide 2011 Developed by the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI), Montana Team Nutrition, and Montana State University, this How-To guide includes a local procurement checklist, info on how to apply geographic preference in the bidding process, and other helpful tips and resources for food service professionals.

Montana Beef In Schools 2012 What is the difference between wet-aged and dry-aged beef? What state-inspected meat processor is closest to your school? Developed by the Montana Department of Agriculture, this 4-page document is a comprehensive guide to sourcing Montana raised and finished beef for your institution.

Launch and Grow your Farm to School Program! This guide suggests three different ways your school can get started sourcing food locally, as well as information about how to request a FoodCorps member for service at your school.

Farm to School Research and Studies:

Unlocking the Food Buying Potential of Montana’s Public Institutions:
Towards a Montana-based Food Economy

by Drs. Fraser Mcleay and Nicola Barron
This report analyzes Montana’s public institutional food service markets, and Montana’s food and agricultural producers’ capacity to serve those markets. The results describe Montana public institutions as an important stepping stone for Montana food producers to tap into the broader food service market. It also emphasizes the need for investment in food system infrastructure to meet the needs of these markets.

Tracing the Chain: An In-Depth Look at the University of Montana’s Farm to College Program
by Dr. Neva Hassanein, and 10 UM graduate students
This report follows the food chain of the UM’s Farm to College program’s purchases of local and regional food for campus dining halls and retail outlets. The research team looked at the social, economic, and transportation-related benefits and challenges associated with supporting local agricultural economic development.

Moving Boxes Closer to Home: The Role of Sysco Corporation in Food System Localization
Masters Thesis by David Scott Kennedy.