Montana Beef to School Video

Montana’s 2012-2013 FoodCorps Fellow Lea Howe put together this video that demonstrates the growing efforts to serve local beef in Montana‚Äôs school cafeterias.


Montana Beef to School resources at Montana Department of Agriculture

What is the difference between wet-aged and dry-aged beef? What state-inspected meat processor is closest to your institution? Developed by the Montana Department of Agriculture with schools in mind, this website contains resources and answers for sourcing Montana raised and finished beef for your institution.

Beef to School Policy Presentation [19MB]

This powerpoint was presented at the Montana Beef to School Coalition meeting in July, 2013.
For more information about the presentation, please feel free to connect with us here.

Feasibility of a Beef Processing Plant In Beaverhead County, Montana

Headwaters RC&D and Beaverhead Economic Development Corporation explore the feasibility of local beef processing.