Ever wonder why it can be so hard to find locally-grown foods in an agricultural state like Montana?

Grow Montana, Montana Farmers Union, and Community GATE Farm to Table Project put together this video to explore exactly that question. Enjoy!

Montana’s Food System in Change

This 10-minute video tells the history of Montana’s food system from a time when the state’s farmers and ranchers produced most of Montanans’ food—through agriculture’s shift to commodity production for export following WWII. The story describes the rise of hunger in Montana and suggests a return to producing food for local consumption as a possible path to economic revitalization and food security. This video was produced for the March 2007 Montana Governor’s Summit on Food and Agriculture by the summit planning committee, with production completed under the auspices of the Montana Department of Agriculture by Murmax Productions of Power, Montana.

Montana Beef to School Video

Montana’s 2012-2013 FoodCorps Fellow Lea Howe put together this video that demonstrates the growing efforts to serve local beef in Montana’s school cafeterias.