Montana Food System Fact Sheet
Did you know that If each household in Montana spent just $10 a week on Montana-produced food, we would redirect $186 million dollars each year to the state’s food producers. For these and more facts about Montana’s food system — from food production to rates of hunger, download this Grow Montana fact sheet, complete with footnoted sources.

Montana’s Farm to School Fact Sheet
Farm to School efforts connect schools (K-12) and local farms and ranches in order to serve fresh and healthy Montana-grown foods in school cafeterias and provide agriculture, health, and nutrition education to students. More than forty Montana schools already enjoy some components of Farm to School!

Facts from the Montana Department of Agriculture
In a state where cattle outnumber people, agriculture is our business. In fact, it’s Montana’s number one industry and growing. With 28,008 farms and ranches across Montana, the industry generated over $4.2 billion for all agriculture services and products rendered in 2012.

Factsheet: Child Hunger in Montana
1 in 7 Montanans visit a food bank at some point in the year, and 42% of all SNAP recipients in Montana are under 19. Learn more with this excellent fact sheet from the Montana Food Bank Network and the Montana Partnership to End Childhood Hunger.

Montana facts from USDA and the National Agriculture Statistics Service
The Quick Stats database application provides the most up-to-date statistics for the U.S., as well as all states and counties, including all revisions.

Choose Local Poster and Campaign
Choose Local—Fresh from your Neighbors! Learn why and how with this excellent resource from Lake County Community Development Corporation